Tips To Upgrade Your Morning Cup Of Coffee At Home

Upgrade Your Gear

Forget about you traditional coffee pots. Upgrade your coffee gear before you truly become a true coffee master. Also, ditch pre-ground coffee, which means the coffee will not be as oiling and aromatic. Buy coffee beans and grind it. You will be rewarded with a fresher flavour, as well as moisturised coffee grounds.

Check Your Grinder

If you already grind your coffee beans at home, you’re already halfway there. However, if you realise, your coffee grounds get quite chunky, because there is a blade in most grinders. If you don’t mind to be a bit old-fashioned, burr grinder does a better work. It grinds much finer and doesn’t produce chunky pieces of coffee beans.

Experiment With Coffee Pots: French Press

A French press is an addition to make your coffee taste better. It is also easier to clean compared to those electric coffee pot. Temperature is crucial in making a good cup of coffee. French press works very well in controlling temperature. More over, it allows more of the old to be released into coffee. Your house must be filled with aroma by then.

Experiment With Coffee Pots: Pour-Over

A big advantage of a pour-over coffee maker is that it reduces bitterness. Well, there is also a downside, it is a bit complicated as you have to boil the water to a specific temperature. But the result wont let you down.

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Use Special Water

Quality of water is important to your body, so it is to your coffee. Try bottled water for a change. Hard water leads to mineral deposits to build up in your pot and also, it might even impact the taste of the coffee.

Use Fancy Coffee

Select a coffee bean that has been shade grown and roasted close by. Then, grind it to a medium ground right before you pack it into the pot. Some believe the trick to the perfect Italian moka espresso is to mound the coffee in a little pyramid and poke little holes in it. Sounds a bit too much? Maybe its worth try!

Mind Your Heat And Cups

Heat the espresso over a low heat. A small burner will keep the handle from heat. The gurgling sound tells you that it is ready. Don’t pull the pot too early, or else the flavour will be compromised. Well, keeping it on heat too long will leave a burnt taste. When it’s finally ready to drink, pour it into a tiny warm espresso cup that is made of either ceramic or glass.

Making Your Own Creamer

Till now, you have got the secrets to make the perfect coffee, it is time to DIY your own creamer. Don’t get frightened, it is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is blend half and half with some creative spices and sugar. Be bold and some of the best gourmet creamers have odd ingredients like cayenne pepper and pine needles.