6 Tips for a Morning Workout

The biggest challenge you face when you finally decided to exercise, will the the timing. With work and all other sorts of commitments, it is really a headache to include exercise into your schedule. Thats why working out in the morning is a better solution. Also, doing exercise in the morning will make you more productive and energetic. I am quite sure that you must have thought about this. But why are you still waiting? 

Here are some tips to motivate yourself for early morning workout.

1. Have a cup of coffee 

Well, you probably are already doing this every day anyway. It is a morning ritual for many of us after waking up. It is so powerful that both your physical and mental performance can be improved. Thus, you will be more willing to do some exercise. 

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2. Move the alarm clock

Place your alarm clock out of your reach. Therefore, you won’t be able to press the snooze button and go back to sleep. 

3. Exercise with a partner

You won’t stay on bed when you have a friend waiting for you to meet up at the gym. Will you? Youre less likely to pull out when you know someones waiting for you. This “buddy system’ will keep you motivated all the time and will help you to reach your goal faster. So, act now, find a friend, family member, or your colleague, or even someone from the gym, to work out together.

4. Pack your gear the night before

If maybe difficult for you to find your sneaker, clothes, towels and water bottle when you are still half-asleep. Pack your gear the night before, to prevent this from happening. When your gym stuff is the first thing you see when you wake up, youll find it easier to get up and go.

5. Set a goal

People are more likely to stick to their exercise routines when they write them down and create a schedule. Plan your workout schedule from the coming week. Write down the timing of your workouts and follow through like any other of your appointment. If you really have to give it a miss, write down the reason. At the end of the week, analyse them and look for different ways to overcome them. 

6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep poses as one of the most dangerous threats to morning workouts. Your body is still tired, you dont wake up refreshed or energized, and your productivity suffers. Hence, you won’t have the mood for the 20-minitue workout. Since sleep is important for your health and wellbeing, as well as your morning workout motivation, going to bed early and getting enough sleep is a must. 

Although most people would like to exercise in the morning, they find it difficult to stay motivated because they dont get enough sleep or organize things thoroughly. From here, you have learned some easy and practical tips to ensure that once the alarm goes off, you dont think about sleeping anymore.